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Our Story

Story of

The Blind Pelican

During the summer of 2015, Andrew & Nikki Stafford enjoyed an afternoon of sea kayaking in the Florida Keys. While paddling through the shallow waters of the magical mangrove canopies, they came upon a pod of pelicans…

Upon returning home to NC, Andrew decided to do some research. Andrew discovered the legend simply wasn’t so. In fact, pelicans have several adaptations to allow them to hunt this way.

Throughout the years, the story of “The Blind Pelican” always inspired Andrew. While thinking of names for their newest restaurant venture, he knew this had to be it.


Nikki & Andrew Stafford

Along with the creative expertise and talents of:

Executive Chef

Tyren Parker

Bar Manager

Josh Self

and rest of the team, are bringing The Blind Pelican Seafood House to Holly Springs, NC. We hope you will enjoy!

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Try the freshest and best seafood in Holly Springs!

Boat Drinks

Specialized cocktails, a great beer selection, and don’t forget about our Marys!


We think Arrrrgh favorites will be theirs’ also.

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